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tv   Fox Morning News at 4A  FOX  March 28, 2016 4:00am-5:01am EDT

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breaking news overnight a man barricade himself inside a north philadelphia home whole police say turns him in. pilot from philadelphia taken off a plane and arrested leaving dozens of passengers stranded in detroit why police say they were forced to put this man in handcuffs. ready for some good news lauren dawn johnson. stage is set, villanova heads to the final four, big welcome home as the team gets ready for saturday's big game. it is monday, march 28th, 2016. guess who is back. >> ville know of ace back they came back yesterday and they arrived on campus yesterday. how are you. >> so are you. >> i'm awake now, that is bright like your personality. >> only thing bright, sue because you have some active
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radar with cloud overhead. >> yes, thank goodness, lauren is wearing something bright like a little easter egg from yesterday, because the radar is not looking too bright at all. we have got rain in the area right now. looking at the big picture here much more streaming from the south and the west so get used to it and stay used to it through the rest of the morning. the light showers moving in the philadelphia a area, down around jersey shore and cape may it is heavier. pockets of heavier showers in southern delaware, northeastern maryland as well. the visibility not great out there as it is reduced we will say to 4 miles an hour in wilmington, 3 miles in dover. seven at philly international. very foggy in mount pocono. so we have got rain around and later on we will have the wind, 47 degrees right now with 11 miles an hour wind and sunrise at 6:51 this morning. we are not going to start the day with sunshine but we may end it the up that way but temperatures are chilly. so make sure thaw are dressed
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warmly enough, and, waterproofly enough. i know that is not a word. we have a high temperature of 65 degrees. the wind driven rain, fog around this morning, and then 42 degrees overnight as the rain clears, we will see wind pick up later on in the day. we will break it down coming up in a few minutes. hopefully you had a great easter bob kelly. >> yes, good thing about working early. >> yeah. >> the day after easter. >> you can sneak out of the house, with, well, bureau some of the candy. >> yes good kids won't a how to you do that at all when they are there but early in the morning, take one for from basket, one from that basket. >> if i took within jelly bean. >> they have them all counted. >> we are on the sugar high this morning. 4:02. a sugar high and rain every where this morning are. we will be having ayuky morning rush hours as sue just mentioned depend ing upon where your beginning and ending your trip.
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you can get a heavy downpours, light drizzle. wipers getting a work out. live look at the schuylkill expressway right here near spring garden street coming in and out of the downtown philadelphia curb zidan example of the the spray kicking up off the cars and trucks in front of you. yucky start to what was a nice weekend. 295 southbound working your way in toward the delaware memorial bridge this morning. two lanes are block with construction, the new jersey turnpike, looking good, if you are heading south, down toward delaware. coming in from new jersey the betsy ross bridge ramps to richmond street are closed, so you will have to use 95 over to the bridge street ramps and that will work your way back in the the brideberg section of the city. good news, if you used the schuylkill or the drives over the weekend notice falls bridge reopened, we announced that on friday, that is good for monday morning commuters there, falls bridge between kelly and martin luther king drive back in business and then expect some delays this morning the at philly
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international mainly weather delays, otherwise, we're off to a good start. chris and lauren back over to you. chaotic scene in north philadelphia end with the man barricading himself inside a home. philadelphia police say a 19 year old started shooting inside the house. eight people were inside including three children. police say man then ran down the street to his own house where he boor cadeed himself inside the home on the 3400 block of north 16th street. but get this, the 19 year-old's grandfather eventually let police into arrest that teenager. luckily no one was hurt during that incident. one person is recovering after a fight break out in the middle of the south philadelphia carnival this was the scene around 7:30 last night around packer avenue. police broke up those crowds after being called out on a report that someone had a gun. police say they found nothing, to backup that claims. a mother and son recovering this morning after a domestic dispute on easter sunday, send them both to the hospital, police called to the 800 block of fallon street the in west philadelphia yesterday
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for a man arguing with his wife and teenage son. when they got there they said the man had already stabbed his wife two times and his 13 year-old son, three times. >> well, when i came out of my block the cops had already been there and they were there and they were talking to the the guy. he was saying that his wife had just stabbed him with something and that he had him in handcuffs and the blood was kind of running down his arms. >> the man was a rested. his wife and son were treated for their injuries. police say they were non-life threatening injuries at least. at 4:05 another philadelphia a woman ended up in the hospital after another violent incident, this time a shooting in the cities oxford section. the it happened yesterday afternoon, and police say the bullet hit the woman in the neck. she's at the hospital in stable condition. they have not made any arrests. we will keep an eye on that. an american airlines co pilot expected to be drunk this weekend is to be charged today.
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>> employee was scheduled to fly to philadelphia on saturday. steve keeley is live at philly international with more on this good morning. >> reporter: don't go surprised to hear two updates on this case today that will make it the talk of the terminal that the the pilot will be formally charged today and we may learn that the pilot is from the philadelphia area. american airlines, of course, merged with what was philadelphia's biggest airlines u.s. airways that had seven out of every ten flights in and out of here and thousands of employees based out of this main hub city in philadelphia too. so this is one of the pictures taken out of the window of the scheduled philadelphia a bound flight from detroit as the pilot was arrested after failing two sobriety checkpoints right before the scheduled 7:00 a.m. take off. saturday at 7:00 a a.m. in the morning, people. >> we were getting on the flight. everything was fine. the then all of a sudden they come over the speaker and they say, something to the effect of the co pilot's like chair is messed up in the cockpit.
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we're like okay. they said there would be a 15 or 20 minute delay. we were just waiting. then i saw my mom back there taking pictures out the window because we saw a cop car roll up and we found out later the co pilot was arrested and we were all told to get off the plane and they told us that our flight was canceled. >> you think drunk drivers may take lives of a couple people when they take their lives ape this is i a drunk pilot. he could have taken the lives out of hundreds of people. >> reporter: after detroit to philadelphia a bound flight got canceled, this picture tweeted and taken by passengers when your pilot gets drunk your flight gets canceled and you have been up since two l.a. m. all that was put out about the pilot was that he was from pennsylvania and he is either 50 or 51 years old since we're told he was born in 1965. faa rules say in person may attempt to operate an aircraft within eight hearst of consuming alcohol, and, with a blood alcohol level of .04 or
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above, and that standard for pilots as you will notice way more strict and for drivers .08. faa recommend no flying within 24 hours of drinking alcohol. this was seven, in the morning and chris and lauren, eagle eye tsa person, saw that pilot, acting drunk, and, that is how they caught this guy. they did that sobriety check right in the cockpit. we always criticize or hear criticism about tsa allowing weapons to get past them and everything else. but they have a terror alert to be on the the look out for. now add this, to be on the look out for. so good eyes by that tsa agent in detroit on this one. >> you bet, that paid off. steve, thanks very much. now to a developing story, an easier sunday bombing in pakistan. >> break away facts on of the taliban claiming responsibility for the attack that killed at least 65 people, that is the latest count. explosion happened near main gate of the park that housed children's ride and swings. christians celebrating easter
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holiday were crowded in this area where the blast hit. 300 people are injured.. >> unaudible. >> the chief minister of the punjab has declared three case of mourning and bridged to bring bomb tours justice. intense scene at memorial for tuesday's terror attacks in brussels. protesters clashed with police in the belgium capitol. hundreds of the demonstrators showed up at a temporary shrine honoring victims of the last week suicide bombing. belgium media reporting the airport bombing suspect wearing a hat in this surveillance photo that we will show you, now in custody. police in italy are a resting a man wanted in belgium for alleged involvement with fake id's yad by suspects in the
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brussels, and november paris attacks. 4:00 some on this monday morning. >> villanova a marches to the final four on saturday after victory overtop seeded kansas this was such a good game. >> yes. >> not only because villanova won but it was a fantastic game. dave kinchen live at villanova now. >> reporter: good morning, sir. >> good morning to: >> reporter: welcome back. >> we have a big game saturday now? >> reporter: huge game against oak a huge game saturday n college basketball the question why is do we throw balls up. well, to cut the nets down, and that is what villanova did. you could feel the energy not just throughout the game but also, all the way up from the buzzer, and, of course, it was a beautiful ending saturday night. wildcats punching their tickets for the first time since 2090 beating number one seed, 64-59. but the numbers make that victory even more amazing.
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villanova home shot 40 percent and only four for 18 from, three-point line. and their defense, that is what was on fire. ryan arcidiacono, chris jenkins and josh hart all scored 13-point, they brought home the ncaa south regional trophy for easter sunday students and the fans. >> so nice to be home. it the is so nice that everybody came out on easter sunday to enjoy this one for a day. once we go back to practice we will be focused on the next game and next day trying to get better. >> this just shows how great our fans are. nova nation, you know, until we start practicing, and focusing on oak, everything that we did up until this pint goes behind us and we will focus on oklahoma. >> reporter: by the what i did we mention defense help get that job done. while the team does a weeks worth of preparation for oklahoma and plus travel to houston nova nation will be celebrating all week wearing those jerseys, across the
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region probably watching highlights over and over again. the team hopes to clinch its second national championship. by the way, of course, north carolina battles syracuse to round out the final 46789 i think we have a wall game on saturday. i think somewhere in the universe, my brackets are attached, somewhere. >> somewhere, every where, we can say arcidiacono now. we didn't necessity how to say that name up until about six days ago. >> yes. >> tell me bit. >> they call him archie, right. >> yes. for good reason. thanks, sir. fox 29 is there as a six year-old girl puts her troubles to the side with easter to help others in need. a heart warming story you do not want to miss.
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well, is there the big old, mess that we will have to deal with for the rest of the morning. it is rain, and a lot of it. we have got a couple of systems that are in play here, this one out to the west and then the coastal system as well. so it will take a little while before it gets out of here and i think we will just call it a rainy, morning. i think we will have that rain with us for the rest of the rush this morning. so around baltimore washington area and our area as well. there are dry slots here and there but it is kind of misty out there even when it is not actively raining. the upper dublin we have light rain, spotty showers here in the philadelphia area this
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morning and then when you head down the to the new jersey shore we have heavy downpours in cape may county right here along the shore points of wildwood, stone harbor and cape may, this morning. the so we have got temperatures in the 40's right now. we will inch in the 50's throughout the rest of the morning. by the time rain leaves us this afternoon, the wind will be picking up, we will end up in the lower to mid 60's today but look at these wind gusts later on by 3:00 o'clock we have wind gusts of 37 miles an hour to the south. thirty-nine, 41 miles an hour wind gusts throughout the rest of the evening. and then probably throughout the rest of the night. walking out the door right new getting started after your holiday weekend we have 47 degrees in philadelphia 50 in dover. forty-three in lancaster. thirty-six in mount pocono. seven day forecast has mid 60's today, cooler 50's tomorrow and then 60 degrees on wednesday. wednesday looks like a pretty good weather day plus thursday the rain comes back even though it will be mild, it
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looks like the rain will be with us on thursday and a good portion of friday, cooling off, over the weekend and very chilly, by sunday. that is your seven day forecast. what is going on. >> we have you covered. >> you got it. >> good morning. >> i thought would i walk in your shot there. that is why i was going crazy. your heart drops. that will wake you up. good morning. live look the at 95, right here near stadium area near broad street interchange, in problems or delays at the moment. light volume so far, this morning but everything is wet. so just watch it. it will be ayuky morning rush hours. the don't wear good shoes it will be a bad hair day as you roll out of the driveway. live look the at the bennie in problems up and overcoming into downtown. everything is kind of slower than normal this morning because of weather. factor in a few extra minutes are be prepared to have that first meeting be a little late or that first appointment being late. warrington, county line road
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in a couple days will go into shut down mode. that bridge over little neshaminy creek. it is that weight restrictions have been in play there for past couple weeks. yellow springs road, bridge over the turnpike, again work that local detour through chester county, and as sue mentioned watching us down the shore getting hit hard with a heavy band of showers on the parkway, route 947, 347, wildwood, stone harbor, avalon, wet behind the ear this morning. southbound 295 heading down toward delaware memorial bridge two lanes still blocked with that ongoing construction project. and then 202 northbound a crew out between route 30, the bypass, heading up toward route 401. is what tough when we get rain it makes it tough to see those temporary lane markers and construction zones. so look out not only on 202 but also on i-95. chris and lauren, back to you. >> how many times have we said don't drink and drive n
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delaware one man just can't learn his lesson. over the weekend he was arrested for fourth time for driving under the influence. delaware state police got a call saturday someone was driving erratically on route 13. whether he they pulled over this guy, philip spears, they smelled alcohol. they noticed a empty heroin bag stuck to his shirt. search of the carrie covered three more bags of heroin, spears is charged with dui and heroin possession. month before it is set to open national museum of african-american history and culture is drawing criticism over the exhibit of bill cosby. it recognizes his work in entertainment but they will not address his sexual assault scandal. so says the new york times. curators say his work should stand alone but cosby accusers say the decision is insulting. by the way that museum is set to open in september on the national mall in washington d.c. and in cape may county a little girl with a big heart proves how kindness can really go a long way. >> the six year-old has challenges because she has
4:20 am
autism but she was focused on other peoples struggles and organ easter dinner for hungry. brat satan shows us how. >> we had ham, pine apple stuffing, we have sweet potatoes. >> reporter: two blocks from the beach in wildwood the sign outside, this pizzeria and restaurant may be easy to miss but what permeated inside on this easter sunday aside from the food was the love of the six year-old girl, a girl quick to bring silverware to a man who would not have had a home cooked meal. a girl with mom's help led him in the prayer. >> god is good. >> this is great for me. that was really cool. >> reporter: six year-old girl named a list a with autism and always seems to be asking what can i do for others. at age two she gave away her toys. when she saw a family in the grocery store check out short of cash her concern turned to food. >> from that point she started to want to donate food to the different food banks and to be
4:21 am
able to help. she said mom, i wish we could feed them. >> reporter: today she did. >> i'm thinking they have not eaten that long time. >> reporter: you have been feeding them today. >> yes. >> reporter: what have they been saying to you. >> thank you. >> reporter: quite thank you in the form of the laughs and smiles. most do have places to live but this easter act of love much appreciated. >> i heard about the little girl set it up and everything and i think that is great. >> reporter: alyssa and parents teamed up with the restaurant's owner. >> we stopped along the road and told some people out for easter today to come by. >> reporter: and agencies like caring for kid and salvation army donated the food. >> we did not want any child to ever go without. >> reporter: today because of alyssa in one did. 200 people served, two dozen volunteers, upward of $10,000 worth of food, and not bad for a six year-old. in wildwood, brad saton fox 29
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news. all right. 4:22 is the time. real interesting during one story yesterday, video that has gone viral. we will tell you what local person is behind this huge take down.
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good morning i'm sean bell. villanova getting it done over the week ending to go their first final four since 2009, beating number one overall seed kansas jayhawks 64-59. yesterday the team came back to a big crowd, celebrating and congratulating their team on a big upset. nova has been most impressive team in this tournament dominating first three games and then beating the best squad in the nation. they will have a ton of hype when they get the to the final four. that is something they will have to learn to ignore. >> that is a great will challenge at each level that you get when you get to the ncaa tournament there is hype. when you get to the sweet 16 it is more. when you get to the final hit is off the charts. thank god we were there once before so we had a little bit of the feel and we can hopefully help the players handle it. >> for easter penn state head fat ball coach, having some animal fun dressed up in a
4:26 am
bunny outfit, tackled and gave some kid a candy. good job, dave. that is sports in a minute. i'm sean bell. we have the game time for this weekend's big final four, villanova will take on oklahoma, game time 6:09 on saturday and then a couple hours later it is syracuse verse north carolina at 8:39. the winners will go to the national championship game. >> oh, it will be fun. >> who are you picking. >> who do you think. >> villanova verse who. >> i like syracuseed. north carolina a ace dominant but so was kansas. you never know who will win that is why they call it march madness it is such madness because i had michigan state. i had seton hall in the final game against villanova. >> do you remember i was making fun of you they lost in the first round. >> yes. >> villanova saving me on this side of the bracket. >> so from college to pro basketball the nba's best team golden state warriors goes against the worst team in the
4:27 am
nba, our team, the sixers. this was closer than expect. the first quarter sixers had a lead, ish smith, but warriors, in the second quarter they take control beating sixers 117-105. we played them close until the last two minutes. >> well, we tried. >> yes. we're talking insomnia cookies. they are making a huge expansion. where the sweet treats will now be calling home. >> we will have that and much more. by the way, we're turning 20, yeah, good day is turning 20, this friday april 1st is our 20th anniversary. we want to you help us celebrate. come down to fourth and market between 7:00 and 10:00 a.m. we are having a kick off party to celebrate the month have of april. mike and alex will be live streaming for 20 straight hours on friday starting a at 1:00 p.m. that is no april fools joke. we will do this we have a big a nuns. to celebrate all of you who have been with us all this
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a plane from detroit and philadelphia is delayed because of a pilot. what police say he was doing early in the morning that landed him in cuffs. >> but school is about to be out so parent, if you need to find them a job why you may
4:31 am
want to head over to a wawa near you. we cannot stop talking about the wildcats. villanova pulls out the big win against kansas and now sets the stage for something the team has in the done since 2009. >> yeah. >> i'm old enough to remember 1958 when they won the whole darn thing. >> really. >> were you four. you were a child, still a child. >> no, no. >> you're all grown up. >> sue serio, good morning on this wednesday monday. >> that was georgetown, wasn't it, that villanova beat back in 1985. >> now you are stretching my knowledge. >> i think it was because i was very much alive and a grown up. thank you, yes. i got you all beat, until mike jerrick comes in. okay. now we have some rain moving in the area and you can see it is streaming from to the south and west. it is why it will be a while before we get this out of here. plan on a entirely rainy
4:32 am
morning, heavier rain in dover, delaware around jersey shore and cape may county. areas of heavy downpours. rain is lighter here in philadelphia for the moment but heavier rain is coming in. you can see lancaster count which heavier downpours as well. so reduced visibility because of that rain in places like atlantic city, lancaster, 4 miles we're down to in philly international. quarter mile very foggy up in mount pocono with all this moisture in the air. it is 47 degrees right now. we're on the chilly side to get you started. sunrise at 6:51. and other temperatures, 30's up in the poconos mountains. forty-four in trenton. we have 49 atlantic city. fifty in dover, delaware. we're heading to about 65, once the rain end but it will be wind driven rain, at the tail end of it. and fog, will slow you down as well, this morning. we have the wind tonight and overnight low of 42 degrees. we are off to a chilly start tomorrow morning, that is your weather authority forecast.
4:33 am
so hopefully you had a goodies ter weekend, bob kelly. >> yes, it was goodies ter weekend. everybody back at it. lets look at this accident here philadelphia a fire fighters on the scene, this fellow, upside ways on the grass, here, and this guy is facing the wrong way, so they are trying to sort it all out, this is a live look the at the roosevelt boulevard, southbound, right here near fox street, i believe this is the fox street on ramp here if you are heading south, say from broad street heading down toward the schuylkill expressway. again, only that left lane opened. right now it is not that bad because volleys kind of light but again, roads are wet, and it will be ayuky commute this morning. give yourself some extra time and the speeds will be knocked down naturally because of the weather. in problems, coming up and over the ben franklin, walt whitman, betsy ross all in good shape, starting to see volume pop here at 422 at collegeville. today is day they will shut down county line road, bridge over that little neshaminy
4:34 am
creek, they have been blinking the flashing signs for past couple weeks. today is day we will go in shut down mode n south jersey 295 south watch for construction crews blocking two lanes approaching the delaware memorial bridge. chris and lauren, back over to you. bob, thanks very much. 4:34. american airlines co pilot suspected of being drunk over the weekend could be charged today. >> that employee scheduled to fly to philadelphia on saturday. that did not happen. steve keeley live at philadelphia international airport where the plane was supposed to go, hi, steve. >> reporter: you heard sue and bob talk about the fog conditions at the airport which we have now and which may cause a few delays later this morning but it was an alcoholic fog that canceled that flight to philly saturday to detroit and which will likely get more of the facts on, those two failed sobriety tests by the pilot, pulled off and arrested. don't be surprised if we learn his hometown is this town, or this area, once his identity is released. the picture here among those taken by the passengers out
4:35 am
their window as they were ready in their seats for take off to philadelphia from detroit saturday morning at 7:00 a.m., until the flight got canceled and the reason why, suddenly became known. >> look outside window and at first i saw just a police car. i said that is odd. i said there is a a police car right outside our plane. he said wow. about five minutes later i saw them actually taking the pilot around the side of the pie and plane handcuffing him. >> he is supposed to be on the airplane and supposed to be safe and you have someone drunk, driving the plane. that is, crazy. that is just crazy. >> i honestly could not believe it. i could not believe something like that could happen and that he could get that close to the the aircraft. >> reporter: after these passengers reports on twitter became a national lead store a monk national media, american airlines put out this statement, stating the
4:36 am
obvious, this is a serious matter and we are assisting local law enforcement and the faa with the investigation. we will handle this matter appropriate thely as the safety and care of our customers and employees is the highest priority. now, american merged with u.s. airways you will recall making philly's biggest airline even bigger, more than seven out of ten flights are on american airlines, 3,000 employees at last count based here in philadelphia a so far it is only known that the pilot is from pennsylvania and he is 50 or 51 years old since we were only told he was born in 1965. to be considered under the influence of thriving, of course, you need a blood alcohol content of .08. pilots the standard is just half that, .04, faa rules really stipulate no pilot can drink eight hours before flying. they really recommend no pilots drink 24 hearst before a flight. again, this is a 7:00 a.m. flight. that early to be that drunk. >> so you think he was probably out maybe friday night into the saturday
4:37 am
morning, we don't know what he blew by way of the breathalizer yet. i guess other part here steve that is interesting is what if he had just quietly walked through past the tsa agent? if he wasn't acting drunk, they might in the have caught him and how many pilot might there be that gets past that after having a couple of drinks. >> reporter: that is why they have a pilot and co pilot. i used to be worried flying in the helicopter we only have one pilot. he had a heart problem or something i better learn how to fly a helicopter and i did just in case good did you really, wow. >> reporter: thinks why it is good to have a pilot and co pilot, that is what your what if scenario can play out, other guy can take over. you would hope pilot would report his collogue if he was that drunk that the tsa noticed that at the detroit airport. >> they are all sitting next to each other in the cock pit
4:38 am
there. grand kids did in the show up for a dinner. well, he got a special easter surprise you do not want to miss.
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we don't decorate in one color. we don't stick to one fabric. or one shape. so why use traditional aerosols
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that are one-dimensional? new air wick room mist with life scents is a multi-layered fragrance, just like scents in real life. our homes are rich, varied, and pleasantly surprising. and air wick room mist is, too. finally, a true-to-life fragrance, for your lively home. air wick. home is in the air. this is fun. villanova marches in the final four on saturday. they claimed victory overtop seeded kansas a couple days ago. >> dave kinchen live, as team prepares for the big game against oak a dave, my bracket the is over and done with right now.
4:41 am
>> reporter: yeah, i almost forget that i filled out the a bracket, because like i said earlier, it is probably accurate somewhere in the parallel universe, but not this one. what a game saturday night. i can tell you this is a fun week when you get in the final four, the team does the hard work of preparing, looking at tape and practicing and traveling, the fans get to watch highlights over and over and wearing jerseys and all that good stuff. what an ending. a greate lacing from the buzzer saturday night. wildcats punching their tickets to the final four for the first time since 2009 beating number one seed in the region, kansas 64-69. but numbers and steps really make that victory more amazing. nova shot 40 percent able only four for 18 from three. defense was on chris. archie, chris jenkins and josh h art all scored 13 points they brought home ncaa tournament south region. they are back to campus for easter sunday greeting from
4:42 am
student and fans. >> it was a thrill. from the basketball side of it to be a part of the game like that, a great college basketball game, incredible atmosphere, big time athletes. it was a real thrill to be part of that. pretty excited about the win. we were celebrating with the guys, and the coaching staff, and everyone will involved with this program was pretty awesome and i will never forget it. we are trying to to say we're not done yet. we have a couple more games left, and we will see if we can get them and finish our season off on monday. >> all right. so it is, of course, next one up, oklahoma and nova on saturday in houston. also north carolina and syracuse rounding out that final four and destroying my bracket, back to you. >> yes. in a good way. nba all-star game in 2017, may be in jeopardy. >> um-hmm. >> the reason it all has to do with the state of north carolina. >> oh, i think i know.
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yucky, rain, rain, rain, all streaming from the south. it is a couple seasons we are deal with this morning a coastal system and this cold front will come through. once that happens we will get pretty high wind later this afternoon. so think about when the rain end the wind will pick up and you better hold on to your hat. if you think it is a bad hair day already because of the rain it will be worse when the
4:46 am
wind come n we will see heavier rain rolling into southern delaware, southern new jersey, it is still just kind of spotty here, in philadelphia but we will look up to the north and it is very light rain but it is very misty even in places where it isn't actively down pouring but around philadelphia area we're seeing plenty of rain, you will need umbrella umbrella worth any cape may county. milford in dover, delaware we are seeing heavy downpours as well. looking at the future cast we will see rain ending by about 11:00 or 12:00 o'clock but as temperatures pick up so dot wind. we will end up in the mid 60's today and then getting pretty chilly tonight but look the at wind gusts by 3:00 in the afternoon we're seeing 30, 34 miles an hour wind gusts, even higher about 5:00 in the evening. so drive home especially driving over a bridge or something could be quite challenging because of the wind. so, again, when the rain end, the wind will pick up later in the day. we will call it mother
4:47 am
nature's hair dryer. 47 degrees right now in philadelphia, we're 50 down in dover but chilly 36 in mount pocono. forty-three in lancaster and reading to get you started. here is a look back over the weekend, now our average high is up to 57 degrees. we were a above average for both saturday and sunday, little bit less sunshine then we anticipated for easter sunday but it stays dry, and we hope you had a good one. win driven rain today, 58 degrees and sunshine tomorrow. a cold start on wednesday, but we to recover nicely, it looks like a very lovely middle of the week but then the rain, will return, on thursday, chilling us out for next weekend which, of course, will be the first week end of april, bob kelly, ahh. >> yes, you got it. sound good. we will be flipping our calendar by end of the week. 4:47, on a monday morning, a live look at the left over here, last car, involved in this accident, southbound on the boulevard right here near fox street getting pulled out of the grass here.
4:48 am
so if you are heading southbound be ready to tap the brakes approaching fox. everything is wet and slower than normal this morning. so factor that into your morning, routine here because of the weather, the weather, and the rain, also a little rough go on i-95 in the construction zones. it will be tough to see those temporary lane markers as you roll southbound, is that a motorcycle it looks like out there. little rough for motorcycles this morning. down the shore getting hit with heavy rain as sue mentioned the parkway, route nine, wildwood, sea isle, avalon, ocean city there and expect some delays, this morning, at philly international, because of the weather, and no delays, at the moment, we will start to see that beginning of the morning rush hour popping up at about 5:30 on the tote board. market frankford and broad street subway using shuttle buses for another ten minutes or so until 5:00 and then trains start rolling, delays here, starting to go see the sensors pick up the brake tapping on 202 as you roll out
4:49 am
of the king of prussia today is the day in warrington where they have shut down county line road, bridge over little neshaminy creek. the first workday will be a little will bit rough here in warrington. otherwise we're looking good on the bridges and in delays on mass transit, chris and lauren, back over to you. next up, the nba all-star game may have to move from charlotte, north carolina a why? north carolina's governor signed a bill stopping local municipalities from extending anti discrimination protection to lesbian, gay, by sexual and transgender residents. in a tweet the nba say they are concerned that new law goes against the organization's principals of equality and mutual respect. there is no immediate word from the nba when an official decision regarding the game's relocation would be made. you have probably seen this picture on your social media feed a picture of the grandfather looking sad when his grandchildren didn't show up for dinner. >> as fox's meredith kelly shows us the internet star got a big surprise over easter
4:50 am
weekend. >> reporter: hundreds rushed to oklahoma from literally all over. >> where did you come from. >> we came from houston. >> des moines, iowa. >> canada. >> kansas city, kansas. >> we love you, pop pop. >> why would we not drive five hearst to go see someone else's grandfather. >> reporter: this is kenney harmon, you might know him as pop pop. >> i was born, and live here all my life. i was an ironworker. i was an ironworker for 38 years. >> reporter: now he is an internet sensation but it took him a while to figure it out. >> i didn't know about this story, for 24 hours. i met on facebook, and on social media. >> reporter: after his granddaughter says he tweeted this famous photo. >> i didn't even know what kelce was doing. she always has camera in her hand. >> reporter: the nation embraced him. >> nobody showed up for his dinner what if no one shows up
4:51 am
for this cook out i need to be here. >> reporter: his grandchildren have explaining to do. >> reporter: so what was your excuse. >> i had a different obligation i had planned a week before that. when he called me and i told him that i would be there, thursday, because it all happened on wednesday. >> three of them had an excellent excuse because they didn't know about it. >> reporter: family's main mission for today was to remind us all about the importance of, cherishing your family. no matter their age. >> this cook out is all about trying to get people to realize that you need to call your grandparents and say you love them and take them out to eat because it will come to an end. >> everybody need a kiss, that includes grand mom and grand pop. >> sweetest thing ever. if you have a tattoo or considering getting one, listen up, there may be a positive behind getting inked up. results suggest in several tattoos may boost your immune
4:52 am
response. researchers at university of alabama point out that inking a single tattoo can lower your resistance to catching a gold. getting a tattoo stresses the body because it jams a need until to your skin. as you can see right here. researchers say it is like exercising when you are out of shape but if you keep exercising the body bounces back faster. researchers say repeated tattooing might show similar benefits. if you do a little will popeye anchor on your arm, forget it, but if you get your whole body done, it would be good. >> it will never be fixed. looking for a job, ahead one of the philadelphia's stores is hiring an additional 5,000 workers. >> that and things are in positions at just with all of the company stores. many positions will be seasonal. wawa employs about 26,000 associates. >> you ever date a guy all inked up. >> do you like that. >> i don't mind it.
4:53 am
>> did he have one little thing or his whole body inked up. >> call it a popeye. >> yes. >> what is one with this man. >> insomnia cookies set to open up a few brand new stores. >> i had inn some knee last night, i only had a hour and a half of sleep. >> company has been operating out of a food truck for years now but now they will set tup traditional buildings, 130 fourth and lancaster avenue in the sum it apartment building. the other on temple's campus at morgan hall. when those two locations open up the company says the two food trucks will shut down. >> they are good. count down is on to the 7:00 o'clock hit show, and one of the actresses in the show is talking about what we can expect when the show returns. >> a little salt and pepper, it is salt's birthday. do you know this song.
4:54 am
>> yes. >> ♪ sugar and milk. breyers. the good vanilla. our milk and cream come from cows not treated with artificial growth hormones. this is so good! ii can't believe it's made with real, simple ingredients.ter. i can't believe... we're on a whale. i can't believe my role isn't bigger. real ingredients. unbelievable taste. enjoy i can't believe it's not butter!
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4:56 am
oh, get ready for this premiere of the second half of season two of the empire that is happening on wednesday. so from fox 29 crew along with personalities from power 99, will get together for a viewing party a at the harrah's casino. you have to rsvp so go to our web site at fox you have until noonan march 29th. >> leave that picture up, do you see taraji p henson she
4:57 am
has her hand up in her hair, can do you that. >> and then she says i don't have my company back. isn't that how she says it. i am going to have my company back. >> i don't have the hair for thankfully don't have that hair either. she has amazing hair on that show. >> now that villanova made it to the final four, is what next for the wildcats, we know it is oklahoma, right in. >> yes. >> but head coach and players are talking about moving on to the next step. >> we will win the whole thing this year like we did in 85.
4:58 am
discover new magnum double raspberry. made with the perfect balance of raspberry ice cream, luscious raspberry sauce,
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and belgian chocolate. discover magnum chocolate pleasure. ♪ i got the discounts that you need ♪ ♪ safe driver ♪ accident-free ♪ everybody put your flaps in the air for me ♪
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a chaotic scene unfolding in north philadelphia when a man barricade himself inside a home what police say did he moments before the standoff started. plus he was supposed to get passengers to philadelphia safely. instead he was taken away in handcuffs. what may happen next to the american airlines pilot accuse of being drunk. it has not happened since 2009 villanova makes their way to the final with the victory over kansas. the is what next up for the team as they gear up for saturday's big game. i will go earlier in 2009, they will take the whole thing like they did in 1985 and sue serio so aptly pointed out last hour beating georgetown. what do you think about that. >> i'm all behind home. i hope they do good day it is monday,


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